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Use our suite of interactive PeaceTech tools to explore peace and transition processes, and track their implementation.


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Visit our download centre to download the aggregated and disaggregated datasets, and the codebooks for all definitions.

  • Download PA-X dataset v7 as CSV.

  • Download the Codebook for PA-X dataset v7.


Cite PAX V7 data as:

  • Bell, C., & Badanjak, S. (2019). Introducing PA-X: A new peace agreement database and dataset. Journal of Peace Research, 56(3), 452-466. Available at

  • Bell, Christine, Sanja Badanjak, Juline Beaujouan Robert Forster, Tim Epple, Astrid Jamar, Kevin McNicholl, Sean Molloy, Kathryn Nash, Jan Pospisil, Robert Wilson, Laura Wise (2023). PA-X Codebook, Version 7. Peace and Conflict Resolution Evidence Platform (PeaceRep), University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh.  

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