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Explore our PA-X peace agreement database from 1990 to end of 2019, searchable by category.

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Explore our PA-X sub-database of local peace agreements in the Middle East and all of Africa. Rest of world coming soon!

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Explore our PA-X sub-database of gender provisions in peace agreements.


Explore research from PA-X and Political Settlements Research Programme.

Visualizing peace : Messy timeline

What would the perfect peace process look like, and what do real peace processes look like?  Our data captures peace processes as much as 'agreements'.  Explore how peace processes unfold - messily.  

PA-X as seen in student dataviz projects

What can we learn from PA-X data? See how the students at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya used PA-X in their data visualisation assignments.

Visualizing peace : Hierarchy

See all our data in one 'space'. Not as complex as it looks - stay and play around with peace process patterns to get a quick visual sense of the scale of ALL our data - and how issues come to the fore at different stages of a peaces prcoess 

What's new in PA-X Version 3?

  • 34 new agreements coded, for a total of 1823 
  • includes agreements up to the end of 2019
  • new suite of visualisations 
  • advanced search allows limiting searches to previous releases, facilitating replicability of research data 


Yemen Timeline

Explore the trajectory of the conflict in Yemen and connected national and local peace initiatives from 1990 on, in English or Arabic/عربى, in this interactive timeline.  Follow links to PA-X.  Descriptions of events and agreements drafted in collaboration with Yemeni researchers. 

Visualizing peace : Time and space

Explore peace agreements and the issues they address using an interactive map and timeline.  

PA-X Timeline Feature

Our research results can now all be exported into this cool timeline format.  This timeline has ALL our agreements chronologically, but you can export any search to a similar timeline format.

Visualizing peace : Compare sequences

Explore and compare how different processes unfold over time.  Links to main documents and data.

This is now V3 of PA-X (versions 1 and 2 can still be searched).  PA-X is being continuously amended and updated to account for ongoing peace processes and new agreements.

WATCH OUT FOR: We hope to launch PA-X Local, a new database on local agreements, and a new inter-linked Amnesty database over the coming months.  We welcome any feedback, comments, suggestions or new agreements. Get in touch at Find us on Twitter @PolSettlements 


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