This database lists all agreements included on the main PA-X database that deal in some way with local issues, involve local actors, and deal with forms of local/communal violent conflict. Agreements span the 1990 to 2023, with global coverage, forming a collection of 344 local agreements, 12  of which are new in this release of PA-X Local. PA-X Local only includes agreements for which we could obtain a text, and is therefore neither exhaustive of all local negotiation practices, nor clearly representative of them, nor of the range of armed actors and groups involved in local agreement-making.  While it is likely to therefore reflect some processes more than others, it forms a useful qualitative tool for beginning to understand local processes and is the only database that we know of to currently do this.  

If you are interested in how we selected documents and made decisions on coding, see our About PA-X Local document (also available in Arabic and French). 

See also the local agreements glossary/definitions, codebook, and terms of use.

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The data download for PA-X Local includes core categories only.

If you are interested in using PA-X Local data in combination with coded variables from PA-X Main, download this merged data file (comma-separated).

Archive: Version 1 of PA-X Local in csv.



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