Peace Agreement Portal

Peace Agreement Collections and Databases

There are other collections of peace agreements and resources that may be helpful. 

PA-X Peace Agreements Database, University of Edinburgh (  

This database is a repository of peace agreements from 1990 to date, current until 2023.  It contains 2003 agreements from over 140 processes with coding provisions for 225 substantive categories.

PA-X Gender Peace Agreements Database, University of Edinburgh (

PA-X Gender contains agreements with provisions that refer to women, gender or sexual violence.

Accord Series, Conciliation Resources (

This is a series of reports on specific peace processes, which contain very useful resource information and overviews of each conflict and peace process and texts of peace agreements.

Antwerp African Peace Agreement Database (

This database explores the human rights aspects of power-sharing peace agreements in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (

This website contains information and resources on the Centre’s work in more than 40 dialogue and mediation initiatives in over 20 countries.

Language of Peace, University of Cambridge (

This tool provides access to over 1000 agreements for mediators and drafters to be able to compare and collate language on key issues.

Peace Accords Matrix, University of Notre Dame (

A database of almost 40 ‘comprehensive’ peace agreements that have detailed coding and information on implementation of all the key provisions over a 10-year period.

Peace Agreements Digital Collection, United States Institute for Peace (

This collection strives to contain the full-text agreements signed by the major contending parties ending inter and intra-state conflicts worldwide since 1989.  It was last updated in 2009.

Peacemaker, United Nations (

Peacemaker maintains a comprehensive database of agreement texts, and it serves as an online mediation support tool. 

Uppsala Conflict Data Programme Peace Agreements dataset (

Dataset of 355 peace agreements, covering the period from 1975 to the end of 2018. 


Background Conflict Information

The following websites contain information on distinct conflicts and conflict issues. 

Beyond Intractability (

This website contains many resources, namely case studies of conflicts. 

Escuela de Cultura y Paz, Autonomous, University of Barcelona (

This has useful information on peace processes, agreements and conflict, in Spanish, English and Catalan. 

INCORE – Conflict Data Series, University of Ulster (

The Conflict Data Series provides a comprehensive and detailed database of conflicts worldwide.  It contains both country-specific and thematic information. 


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