Welcome to PA-X Version 7! 

We have updated PA-X! 

PA-X is a database containing 2003 peace agreements, found in more than 150 peace processes between 1990 and 2023, now with 44 new agreements. To search, choose options from the boxes below. Both simple and advanced searches are possible. Filtering the data in any way will allow for datafiles to be downloaded for the filtered subset only.

Please note that PA-X now includes agreements from a wider variety of negotiation practices - including some local agreements that are not associated with conflicts in which there have been more than 25 battle-related deaths. These can be excluded from the search if all Agreement/Conflict levels are selected, except for Intrastate/local (other).

See further materials: User guide. Peace Agreement Definitions. Terms of Use. Codebook for Version 7 and the full data download in csv (below). 

Please note that in V3 we switched to a new numbering system for peace processes. See conversion table here.


Search the Peace Agreements Database

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Find agreements within a specific geographical region.
Find agreements signed by selected country or entity.
Find agreements depending on level of agreement: international, national, or local.
(Please note that the local agreements with no UCDP code do not satisfy the 25 battle-related deaths criterion. Exclude unless you are interested in this type of negotiation practice.)
Find agreements by their title.
Search by Agreement Content
Look for specific groups of issues addressed by the agreement.
Optionally, refine your results for more specific data.
Search for the most specific issues found in the subcategories.
Find agreements with the specified text in the body of the agreement document.

Need more options? Use the advanced search.

Find the codebook for the PA-X Corpus here


Codebook for Version 6. Version 6 data file in csv

Codebook for Version 5. Version 5 data file in csv

Codebook for Version 4. Version 4 data file in csv

Codebook for Version 3. Version 3 data file in csv

Codebook for Version 2. Version 2 data file in csv.  

Codebook for Version 1. Version 1 data file in csv


View a listing or download a CSV export excel format, or download an Excel export excel format of all peace agreements in the database. 

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