Political Declaration between the Government of the Republic of Sudan and the Sudan Revolutionary Front

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Agreement name
Political Declaration between the Government of the Republic of Sudan and the Sudan Revolutionary Front
Agreement status
Multiparty signed/agreed
Interim arrangement
Agreement/conflict level
Intrastate/intrastate conflict
Pre-negotiation/process (Principles)
Conflict nature
Peace process
156: Sudan Transition Process
A process sparked by citizen uprising to replace the Head of State and have an agreed transition between the military and political and opposition groups.
Signatory Parties:

Government of Sudan
Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo

Sudan Revolutionart Front
Dr. Elhadi Idriss Yahya

Malik Agar, SPLM-N
Abu Obaida Khalifa Al Taishi, SLM
Ethar Khalil Ibrahim, JEM
Saleh Hamed Ismael, SLFA

Alamin Daoud Mahmoud, UPFLJ
Eltom Shaikh Hajo, DUP-SRF
Mohamed Daoud Mohamed Daoud, Kush Liberation Movement
Musa Seedy Mohamed Ali, Beja Opposition Congress
Nimr Abdelrahman, SLM-TC
Third parties
Tut Qaluak Manime
Presidential Advisor on Security Affairs – Chief Mediator
This is a short agreement which is part of a series of short agreements which take place in the approach to the 2020 Sudan peace agreement, the Juba agreement. This short agreement reaffirms commitments already made in this process in the signing of the Juba declaration on trust building measures in September 2019 and provides for further commitment to complete the agreements already made. This political declaration agreement provides specifically for committees and future negotiation focus areas, in order to support the implementation of the Juba declaration overall. The formation of committees to address the release of prisoners and facilitation of humanitarian access are provided for as well as arrangements for the current Government party to manage land disputes, with a focus on Northern dam lands. These agreements in essence establish a relationship between the new transitional government of Sudan and other peripheral armed groups who seek to ensure that their own causes within their process do not get lost within the implementation phase of new government.

Agreement document
SD_191021_Political Declaration between the Government of the Republic of Sudan and the Sudan Revolutionary Front - Official ENGLISH (3).PDF []

Main category
Page 1, Preamble, ... The Parties sign the political declaration as entry point to address the roots of the wars related to issues of citizenship, development, democracy, long-standing marginalization affecting large sectors of men and women of our Peoples as a result of wrong policies

Women, girls and gender

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Particular groups of women
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International law
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New institutions
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Violence against women
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Transitional justice
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Institutional reform
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