Joint Bougainville Ex-combatants Agreement on Weapons Disposal (Rotakas Record)

Papua New Guinea
Asia and Pacific
Agreement name
Joint Bougainville Ex-combatants Agreement on Weapons Disposal (Rotakas Record)
Agreement status
Multiparty signed/agreed
Agreement/conflict level
Intrastate/intrastate conflict (Bougainville Conflict (1987 - 1998)
The conflict on Bougainville, an island under the jurisdiction of Papua New Guinea (PNG), began in 1987 as a dispute over compensation for the use of land by Bougainville Copper Ltd, a an Australian subsidiary. The underlying issue of independence soon emerged and the conflict escalated between the government of PNG and the native islanders, in turn spearheaded by the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA). Until fighting ended in 1998, an estimated 20,000 died in the conflict. Several pre-negotiation agreements culminated in an agreement to a ‘permanent and irrevocable’ ceasefire, and a framework for normalizing the PNG-Bourgainville relationship, which included elections.

Bougainville Conflict (1987 - 1998) )
Framework/substantive - partial (Core issue)
Conflict nature
Peace process
9: Bougainville: peace process
Chief of Defence, Bougainville Revolutionary Army, General Ishmael Toroama; Chairman, Bougainville Resistants Force, Hilary Masiria; Commanders, Bougainville Revolutionary Army, Steven Topesi, Peter Naguo, Justin Kokiai, Thomas Tari, Glen Bearas, Dominic Babatani, Joe Pakoi, Joe Korerua, Damien Kora, Cosmas Ito; Commanders, Bougainville Resistants Force, Laurie Patrick, Hilary Loni, Michael Komoiki, Ambrose Omi, Jacob Naisy, Paul Akoitai, Matthew Warapere
Third parties
Witnessed by: Ambassador Noel Sinclair, UNOMB; Matt Anderson, PMG; Amos Tevaria, Chief; Jeremiah Voiporea, Chief; James Vasiviri; Martin Varieto; Tabitha Rueta, Womens' representative
Joint Bougainville Ex-Combatants Agreement on Weapons Disposal, with weapons disposal plan and timetable.

Agreement document
PG_010503_Joint Bougainville Ex-combatants Agreement on Weapons Disposal (Rotakas Record).pdf []

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Page 6, And Witnessed by:
Tabitha Rueta, Womens' representative

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International law
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New institutions
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Violence against women
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Transitional justice
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Page 6, Witnessed by:
Tabitha Rueta, Womens' representative
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